A List for Christmas – Food Edition

I read too many blogs. Too many food blogs, too many lifestyle blogs, too many photography blogs, too many i-am-all-over-the-place blogs. But i just have to. There are so many good blogs. And as i read these blogs i come across so much amazing stuff that i just have to share.

This time, since it december and the holidays are almost here, i’m going to share some amazing food related blogposts. So here is a list i guarantee will make your mouth water, and it might just also give you a few ideas for a homemade, edible christmas gift you can give to a loved one. We all know those are the best gifts.




Hazelnut Apple Chocolate Buns. These are the only ones in this list i’ve actually tried.  They are amazing, just absolutely amazing. So is basically everything else on this vegetarian food blog, you should go check it out right now.



Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast MousseChocolate mousse is my all time favorite dessert. Chocolate mousse that qualifies as breakfast? Yes pleas!



Christmas Nougat. Nougat is also a favorite of mine, and this christmas edition just looks amazing.



Chocolate Spoons.This is seriously the most genius thing i’ve seen in a while. The perfect gift for hot cocoa lovers!



Four hot drinks for the holidays. If hot chocolate isn’t your thing, or you just wan to mix things up a little, here is four hot, cozy and fairly simple drinks you can try for the holidays. I want to try them all, i just have to do a little spice shopping first.


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(Vegan) Pumpkin Pie in a Mug. I have a confession to make, i have never tasted pumking pie! I know, i know, it’s bad. After discovering this recipe  i really have no excuse anymore, it just seems perfect.I absolutely love that it is a mug edition, that way i’m not risking ending up eating a whole pie by myself…



Salted Cranberry, Pistachio & Pecan Chocolate Bark. This thing has everything i love smashed together in an incredibly elegant way. I also know for sure that my father would love this, so I’m giving it to him as a part of his christmas present.



edinburgh- collage #2

This fall, in between birthday celebrations, university applications, assignments dues and everything else that happened at once,  i spent a few days in Edinburgh with my mother. For four days we walked the crocked streets of the city as we pulled our scarfs a little tighter to protect against the wind. We admired the majestic buildings, visited the typical tourist spots, got lost in charming allies, had endless amounts of coffee breaks and devoured more cake in four days than i  can remember ever having done before.

This city, with its bookstores and cozy cafes that where always filled up with students, hit me right in the heart. The cold winds and breathtaking views gave me a feeling of calmness i haven’t felt in a while. My whole body is longing to go back, to be one of the many students, to call Edinburgh my home. The idea that this is actually possible, that i could actually be one of those students in a years time is incomprehensible. It is all so distant.


Norsk: Denne høsten, i mellom bursdagsfeiringer, universitetssøknader, prøver, venner og alt annet som skjedde på en gang, dro jeg om mamma en tur til Edinburgh. Mellom byggninger fra lenger tilbake i tid enn min hjerne greier å begripe, spaserte vi i fire dager. Fire dager med soslkinn, til tross for det typisk skotske. regnværet. Vi beundret det vakre lyset som snodde seg mellom husene, spiste uendelige mengder med kaker og hadde så mange fine samtaler over kaffekopper. Byens atmosfære, med alle bokbutikkene og kafeene, museumene og mursteinshusene, traff meg rett i hjerte og ga meg en ro jeg ikke har kjent på lenge. Aller helst har jeg bare lyst til å flytte hit, være en av de mange studentene som alltid satt på kafeene og leste. Visheten om at det faktisk kan være meg om et år, den er uvirkelig – det er alt så innmari langt borte.



Interrail – summer 2014

IMG_2495 - versjon 2
IMG_2371 - versjon 2

There is almost four months since i got back from my four week train trip around Europe. Four months since i felt freer than i’ve ever done before. Four months since i had my last conversation with strangers on a train. Four months since i eat breakfast at a different place every day. Four months since i slept in big dorms filled with friends and soon-to-be friends.Four months since i wandered street after street in cities i had never been to before, but still felt more at home in than i have ever done here.

I miss it so much, all i want to do is to pack my bag and go again. Only this time longer, further, alone.

Last friday was my sisters birthday. As always we started the day with cake and birthday song.Then she opened presents whilst i teased her, and said that she better stop whit all her illegal business now that she is fifteen and has reached the age of criminal responsibility. It was a good day.

Paris Day One

The first day in paris we walked down to Louvre and decided to get on one of those red, double-decker city-guid busses. Well, actually i think it was green.
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IMG_1101 - versjon 2

It was so nice to sit there and watch Paris float by. The city was just as i had imagined, but also so incredibly much more.

IMG_1111 - versjon 2After the bus ride, we eat at an italian restaurant. No-one of us really wanted to have italian, but it was the first and best place and we where all unbelievably hungry. Italian Pizza is never too wrong anyway.

With regained energy we walked to Shakespeare & Co, where i spent way too long time and the others where way too inpatient. Afterwards we walked back to our apartment, and crashed into our beds. The apartment was, by the way, absolutely gorgeous and situated in the cutest street filled with food shops.



Life right now is on the wrong track. Everything happened so fast and it’s too late to try to change anything. I’m scared and lost, and feel like drowning. 

“Where to, Miss?”

IMG_8908.jpg“To the stars”

I watched Titanic for the first time this weekend. It was so beautiful and so painful, a combination i tend to find in  books and movies that make an impact on me. I don’t know if i like that or not. This whole “pain is beautiful” thing is not something i support, it’s something i know so well isn’t true.. But maybe tragedy is beautiful? From distance of course.