Last friday was my sisters birthday. As always we started the day with cake and birthday song.Then she opened presents whilst i teased her, and said that she better stop whit all her illegal business now that she is fifteen and has reached the age of criminal responsibility. It was a good day.

Paris Day One

The first day in paris we walked down to Louvre and decided to get on one of those red, double-decker city-guid busses. Well, actually i think it was green.
IMG_1081 - versjon 2
IMG_1101 - versjon 2

It was so nice to sit there and watch Paris float by. The city was just as i had imagined, but also so incredibly much more.

IMG_1111 - versjon 2After the bus ride, we eat at an italian restaurant. No-one of us really wanted to have italian, but it was the first and best place and we where all unbelievably hungry. Italian Pizza is never too wrong anyway.

With regained energy we walked to Shakespeare & Co, where i spent way too long time and the others where way too inpatient. Afterwards we walked back to our apartment, and crashed into our beds. The apartment was, by the way, absolutely gorgeous and situated in the cutest street filled with food shops.



Life right now is on the wrong track. Everything happened so fast and it’s too late to try to change anything. I’m scared and lost, and feel like drowning. 

“Where to, Miss?”

IMG_8908.jpg“To the stars”

I watched Titanic for the first time this weekend. It was so beautiful and so painful, a combination i tend to find in  books and movies that make an impact on me. I don’t know if i like that or not. This whole “pain is beautiful” thing is not something i support, it’s something i know so well isn’t true.. But maybe tragedy is beautiful? From distance of course.


Alahambra, Granada
Alahambra, Granada
Alahambra, GranadaAlahambra, GranadaAlahambra, GranadaAlahambra, GranadaAlahambra, GranadaAlahambra, Granadai went to Granada on a school trip about two weeks ago. it was amazing, one of the best trips of my life. these photos are from Alhambra, taken during our very long guided tour true the castle. the guide spoke only in spanish and i understood, it was a very good day.

on a side note: i’m going to Paris tomorrow, i’m so excited i think i might die. but it also means i’ve got to get up in less than four hours in order to catch my flight, so goodnight. sleep tight everyone.

One of my favorite days. Part 2

IMG_8740 IMG_8743 IMG_8742After walking across the bridge (—> Part 1) i decided to have a quick look in my guidebook to see if there was any good cafes or bakeries around, and there sure where. My amazing walk across the bridge form the Big Ben to the London Eye was completed with a visit to this amazing konditor, Konditor & Cook. It’s located somewhere around waterloo station if i remember right, and it is amazing. There was so much to choose from and it all looked so heavenly.  Choosing what to get was definitely the hardest decision of the day, if not the week.  Good times.